Why agi.li

To make your business more profitable and sustainable, and work more enjoyable

… by unleashing the untapped riches hidden in your people and teams.

What you get

You get to grow your talents and your business, at the same time :

  • Your people get clearengaged and skilled.
  • Your teams click and work brilliantly, internally as well as with your clients and partners.
  • Your business can then transform naturally, perform better, and get breakthrough results.

How it works

You get an approach that works in today’s flux and complexity :

  • We help you be deliberate – clarify your vision, keep your priorities top-of-mind and practice what matters, so you get closer to your target everyday.
  • We observe and help you understand – your situation, target, people’s opinions, and interim results as valuable insights to navigate our journey.
  • We work in iterationsexperiment and adapt, because your situation is unique, and there is no easy, predefined path to resolve your challenges.
  • We involve everyone – your staff, partners and clients (as much and as early as possible), to get everyone on-board and resolve disagreements early.
  • We focus on what drives outcomes – focus, clarify, align, engage, practice, so you get deep change and sustainable results.

You get a team who works hand-in-hand with you and adapts to what works for you :

  • We embed ourselves within your team to live your day-to-day and “get” your reality, so you get a better informed partner to advise you.
  • We equip your team to observe and think better, take action, acquire habits, so you make better decisions and grow faster.
  • We assist all the way – discovery, strategy, planning, execution, governance and individual support, or work with what you already have.
  • We usually engage long-term so you get time to make change happen, grow lasting results, but can help resolve your client or project crisis first.
  • We usually engage full-time but can do part-time, so you save money, and get time to absorb, do the work or handle day-to-day.

You get results because we grow and connect with talents who love to partner and help in new ways :

  • Enlightened advisers, who help frame your vision and efforts, and connect the dots to grow your business.
  • Experienced facilitators, who reconnect silos, and guide and enable your teams to multiply their potential.
  • Energizing movers and shakers, who help your people grow, make change happen and handle day-to-day.
  • And we blend consulting, coaching, facilitation and training in new ways to help you like never before.
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