4 Steps to Welcome Negative Feedback

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Every Tuesday morning, I join my friend Frederic and a couple of young job hunters for a weekly “Jobhunt Mastermind” (copyright Fred) at our local cafe. It’s a group coaching initiative where Frederic helps his coachees follow up on their … Continue reading →

What will your verse be?

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What will your verse be? Asked Whitman more than a hundred years ago. What will your verse be? Ask the Apple guys in 2014. Care to answer this one? Whether you saw the most recent Apple ad or not, you should. But first, let’s read and watch a bit more. The ad, deeply inspired by (read: [...]

What AWESOME takes

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Yesterday, we watched what AWESOME looks like. And it is amazing. You have to watch it if you haven’t (click here)! Do you want to unleash AWESOME like this guy, not on a bike, but for your own thing? Are you ready to do what it takes? Now, let’s take a look at what it [...]

What AWESOME looks like

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Today, watch what AWESOME looks like: Now, you may know getting good takes work (and pain), but you have no idea how much. Come back tomorrow, and check what it takes to get that awesome! Filed under: Getting done, Getting engaged, Inspiration, Mental attitude, See AWESOME Tagged: Athletes, Awesome, Danny MacAskill, Extreme sports, success, what [...]

Goals are for losers. Passion is overrated. Is this TRUE?

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Goals are for losers. Passion is overrated. Is THIS true?  The jury is still out. But confrontation sells, for sure. Scott Adams did it again :) His cynical show-me-where-it-hurts-and-press-right-on-it style is great. He’s gone a tad too far though. The presentation going around recently, supporting his most recent book, is deliberately confrontational, and deceiving. The title [...]

Man will become better

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This is the simplest technique I know to help people grow. It works. Every time. Sport coaches use it. All the time. They capture behaviors in video. They take pictures. They replay, again and again – to understand, and to improve. Public figures also do this often to rehearse speech, but rarely for much more than [...]

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