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We help you get clear, engaged, and done.

We make dreams come true – with You.

Everything is custom : All our work is custom & a balancing act

We customize our services to your needs. We adapt our style and pace to your situation and the availability of your leaders and staff.
paintbrushes-e1305049891538 brings about an integral skill-set:[table] [tr][td]Consulting   [/td] [td]Finding what to do[/td][/tr] [tr][td]Training       [/td] [td]Showing you how to[/td][/tr] [tr][td]Coaching      [/td] [td]Making sure you do[/td][/tr] [tr][td]Facilitating  [/td] [td]Guiding you when it gets hard[/td][/tr] [tr][td]Catching       [/td] [td]Preventing falls, yet getting the lesson[/td][/tr] [tr][td]Doing            [/td] [td]Owning the tasks you prefer not to do[/td][/tr] [/table] Together, they cover all transformation stages. Together, they dispel all performance barriers.

Simplify the complex : We use words your grand-mother will understand. 

No “business-aligned future-proof instruments or critical path to strategic value” in our conversations. We do not speak like idiot-savants, but teachers and kids – at the same time. We use metaphors to simplify complex ideas, and make them more powerful. We use rhymes, mantras, photos, comic strips, sketches, to make messages simple and engaging. We find and express deep truths in simple ways, and your people will thank you for it.

This is a spade, not a gbd Ignoring reality... Don't.
Set your hearts on fire : We stop at nothing to keep you engaged. 

We use the games your children are having fun with to change the game in your business. We use whiteboards, flipcharts, but not for bullet points but giant constructions and origamis. We make origamis, assemble LEGO® blocks, put our hands in PlayDoh®, and juggle balls. We let you use your cameras, smartphones and tablets, because it brings something to the picture. We combine them with modern social network and collaboration technologies. We also use inspiring quotes, mind-opening stories, and all sort of games and magic tricks (literally) to keep your mind alert. We embed in your teams like no other have or will (you’ve got to see this). And we use the web, to be with you any time you need. All work. All play. All the time.

Foule en delire
Involve everyone : We involve your people

We do not involve three random people in your company, and ask them to do our photocopies while we retain our knowledge. We involve all your people even if your team involves 16,000 individuals. We do not build a plan on our own, somewhere in a cosy office, far from your operations. We build the plan with you, in our joint war room. this plan is not a 2,000-line project plan, it is 20-line one pager, with 10 other one pagers for your “captains”. We emphasize their autonomy, and then we coordinate, we help them work together.


We iterate (again and again)

Forget your detailed 5-year roadmap. It looks good on paper, but will fail on first contact with the field. Blame it on reality. Explorers who come back do not rely on a “journey map” precise to the inch across a land no one ever visited. It would not reassure them, because it is an illusion. Similarly, you cannot make a detailed plan of what will happen a year from now – not in a complex world no one can control. All you can do is adjust. So we believe in iterations. We make agree on principles, then iterate to deliver small meaningful objectives, and adjust as we go – because reality says so. Will you lean on reality and iterate? or fight it with paper dreams? 

Agile strategy development

Connect and integrate : We integrate ideas from different worlds

Can the largest producer of clean energy replicate the way airlines manage their fleets? They did. Can a casino bring innovation the way Procter & Gamble does? They did. Can a Fortune500 follow the funding principles of a startup? They did. And you can too. Designers. Innovators. Explorers. Babies. Architects. Urban planners. Visual designers. Graphic artists. Media gurus. Software developers. Teachers. Poets. Zen masters. Martial artists. We bring all their wisdom, discipline and techniques to make change happen, and last (until the next change, that is). Open your eyes. Shift your brain in high gears. Possibilities are infinite.

Learn from different worlds 2

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