Common services – powered with alien cereals

We have a number of services

  • Ha! Ha! Habit Acquisition for Higher Abilities
  • Nu IDEA Notice. Understand. Ideate. Deal. Experiment. Adopt.
  • CCCP Charismatic communication for computer people
  • Decision-making through games
  • Understanding leadership with Origami
  • Trusted Advisor – Servant selling
  • – Mama Mia! Micro audit Massive action Massive inspiration Approach

Because people are the answer

We customize our services to your needs. We adapt our style and pace to your situation.

Because the last thing you need is “yet another expert” does not bring 15 years of experience that amounts to 15 times the same year of doing the same thing, in one department of one company in one industry.

Because we are small enough that you’re big

  • Your terms are ours

Together, they cover all transformation stages. Together, they dispel all performance barriers.

What have we been called  for, so far?


Usually, clients call us for:

  • Because things are unclear, and you don’t know where to start
  • Because things are heated, and you do not want them to get bad
  • Because things are bad, and you don’t want them to get worse
  • Because
  • Dispute/crisis resolution: Help everyone top see eye-to-eye and work together
  • Innovation: Invent a new future together
  • Transformation: Make a vision happen
  • Leader & Team Development: Get habits of success
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